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Lighthouse   9:15am - 10:15am
Dance, Hobbies, Spiritual, Sport

67 Ballinger Road
Buderim, Queensland, 4556

Phone: 0403 119 977
Mobile: 0403 119 977

  • Nia - feel good - look good!

    Nia is the art of movement the body's way. Nia is a cardio-dance workout, a movement practice, and lifestyle based on the intelligent design of the body.

    We believe every person can discover, explore, unleash, and enhance their individual potential to live a healthy and meaningful life by engaging their senses and listening to their bodies.

    Nia Workout

    Nia tones your mind and tunes your body. Each workout brings mindfulness to your dance movement experience leaving you energized, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced.

    Nia cardio-dance workouts combine 52 simple moves with dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts to get you fit in 60 minutes - body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

    Nia is practiced barefoot, non-impact, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities.

    Here is what Melissa said about her first Nia class: I had never heard of Nia, so in my typical student mindset I did my research. It was described as a sensory-based movement practice that draws from the martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts. It emphasizes moving into pleasure and away from pain, which is a much different approach to exercise than most of us know.  
    The Nia class started similarly to a yoga class with us checking in with what was currently going on in our body and setting an intention for the practice. Within minutes of the class starting, I dropped into a flow-like state – time didn’t seem to matter and I was lost in the movements.  
    It was the most mindful movement practice I have ever done; I was able to tune out of any self-criticism and tune into sensation at an exponential level. The music pulsed through me and I felt more sensations than I ever thought possible; my hair brushing my back as I danced, the air on my skin, my feet feeling the floor beneath me, and joy of moving freely. I loved how I was invited to deviate from the choreography, alter it, and make it my own.  
    If you have ever experienced a musical performance that inexplicably brought tears to your eyes... that is how I felt. But instead, I was the performance and I was watching it from afar... I was the spectacle!  
    At the end of class we gathered in a circle the Nia instructor said a few words. She invited us to take what we wanted from her words; she paused and said: “You are welcome here.”  
    These words struck an emotional chord with me, they echoed in my head and heart. I heard the words over and over; it was an “A-ha!” moment for me. I thought to myself “I am welcome here.” Not just in this room, or this job, or this state... I am unapologetically welcome here in this universe, this body, this experience."

    This experience describes Nia very well, some women just feel like "coming home" ! I do not kid you when I say, Nia changed my life, helped me through really tough times and I feel very privileged to have these amazing Nia Sisters in my life. Have a look at 
    Or find Nia Technique on youtube, enjoy the incredible music and the smiles you will see on the faces :) Classes are held at the Lighthouse Classic Nia Mondays and Wednesdays at 9.15 am Stretch and Relax (no Dance) Tuesdays at 6.15 pm

    Your Investment into your Health  
    New to Nia?  
    come and try 3 classes for $30 - valid 1 month

    Casual $ 17 Concession $ 14

    10 Class Term Pass:  
    $ 140