Men's 'Roadworthy Checks' for Mens Health Week


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Bundilla Clinic   8:30am - 5:00pm
Family, General Interest, Seniors

174 Brisbane Road
Mooloolaba, Queensland, 4557

Phone: 54442666

Noticed a pimple that's not going away? Got a sore leg? Bleeding nose? Feeling thirsty all the time?

These could be nothing, but ... they could be symptoms of very serious health issues like skin cancer, pending heart attack, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Men tend to not see a doctor unless they have gaping wounds. Blokes, invest the 15 minutes for a consultation with one of our doctors. You may come away with peace of mind or you may come away with the relief that you've stopped something serious in its tracks.

Call 5444 2666 today. Ladies, if your man won't do it, show your love for him and give him some ultimatim if he doesn't come in!

Bundilla Clinic boasts 8 talented male and female doctors and skilled and friendly nurses and support staff. And we are pleased to offer beautiful modern facilities close to chemist and public transport and adjacent street parking.