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Buderim   10:00am - 4:00am
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Buderin, Queensland

Mobile: 0411 017 234
Website: http://www.NadineLove.com/write-your-book

Are you ready to write your book?

For More Details Visit www.NadineLove.com/write-your-book
or to Book Your Place email: nadine@nadinelove.com

Do you want write a book and you’re putting it off?
Are you wondering how to get started and what to do to get your knowledge, insights and wisdom out of you and onto the blank page?

Or perhaps you’ve begun to write your book and you’re feeling stuck …

Join Nadine Love for your Writer’s Retreat on 26th –28th November or 3rd – 5th December so that you can become a published author in 2014!

You’ll learn the essential steps to turn your book concept into your completed book that shares your unique message and your stories in your authentic voice.

You’ll experience profound personal and professional transformation when you write and publish your book.

You’ll experience increased personal credibility; expert status, exposure and legitimacy in your business when you’re a published author.

Having your book available to inspire and instruct others creates a difference for you, your readers, your business and Our world!

Register now for Nadine Love’s inspirational, comprehensive and practical Writer’s retreat packed full of everything you need to know to boost your creativity, productivity and book- writing abilities!

You’ll even get to launch your book in style at the Love Books Festival in 2014.

You’ll find out
•    How to refine and improve your writing
•    How to clarify your thoughts and organize them into your book
•    Essential productivity strategies to assist you to get your book done
•    How to build the confidence and determination you need to complete and publish your book
•    How to communicate your unique message (and your life-stories) in your authentic voice
•    The steps you need to take to save you time, effort and money as you focus on completing your book
•    The insider information on the self-publishing and traditional publishing options available and how to decide your best options

In addition to the 3 day Writer’s Retreat where you’ll learn the nine steps to write, promote and publish your book, You’ll receive:
•    2 x Complimentary Diamond Class Tickets to the Love Books Festival 2014
•    Your Live Q & A Calls with Nadine Love before and after your Writers Retreat
•    Your Unique Book Strategy Session with Nadine Love (valued at $400 +GST)
•    3x monthly group coaching calls to support your writing process and so much more
•    Your invitation to attend Craft Your Compelling Bio – a Free live Event with Award Winning Author Nadine Love valued at ($997)
•    Entry into the Luminaries on the Loose Competition to have your chapter published in theLuminaries on the Loose: Inspiring You to Create Your Difference Compilation of Transformational Stories.
•    Your invitation to attend Boost Your Confidence to Create Your Difference Free Live Event with award winning Author Nadine Love valued at ($1997)
•    A Special Bonus Credit of $997 towards Your Ultimate Author Trainings

Where: Buderim, Sunshine Coast Queensland
When: 11th – 13th February
Cost: $2,400 plus GST
- morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided

To Book Your Place email: nadine@nadinelove.com
Visit www.NadineLove.com/write-your-book