Anne Clark's Running on Empty Workshop


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   10:00am - 3:00pm
Family, General Interest, Special Interest, Spiritual

Sunshine Ridge
Cooroy, Queensland

Mobile: 0402 166 187

How many times have you found yourself spinning too many plates?  How many times have you found yourself eating on the run, overcome with anxiety or failing to respond rationally to a situation, that in a calmer state, you would deal with reasonably, confidently and calmly? 

Like most people reading this, you are probably running on empty.  Empty of nutrition and failing to absorb your nutrition in a sufficient manner.  Empty of energy to carry out a simple task, and overwhelmed by clutter, even simple tasks.

If you knew that your body was creating cancerous cells because of your response to situations, wouldn’t you want to do something about that?  Of course you would!

Running on Empty is a 'compact 1 day seminar' that will educate you on how to deal with stress and stressful situations, how to change your chemistry so that you are able to recover from crisis or trauma and get on with life in a happier frame of mind and with the physical capabilities to match. 

You will learn strategies for harmonious living, experience delicious organic and life filled vegan food and experience the very best in health education.  You will  learn a meditation technique and the skills to use specific aromatherapy essential oils to calm the mind and shift state.  This special course day includes; workbook, lunch, notes and complimentary aromatherapy oil – balance or wild orange.  

Running on Empty is for anyone in business, anyone who knows they are dealing with a lot of stress and not necessarily dealing with it well and anyone who is prepared to step up to the plate and experience superior health with exceptional guidance from Annie Clark.  

What will you gain from this?   A new perspective on how your thoughts and actions contribute to your overall wellness, and how to recognise the danger signs before they become counter-productive.

This seminar is a must for busy and productive people!  

Cost: $197.00

Includes: Morning Tea and Lunch, Workbook, Meditation, Relaxation Session, Aromatherapy Oil, Complimentary book 'Running On Empty'. 

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