SuperGirly: Return of the Pop Princess


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Lake Kawana Community Centre   7:30pm - 9:30pm
Music, Theatre

114 Sportsmans Pde
Bokarina, Queensland, 4575

Phone: 54131400
Fax: 54131411

By Lab Kelpie

Warning: Strong Language and adult themes 16+

Duration – 120 minutes with interval

Strap yourselves in for an all-singing, all-glamour laugh fest that skewers those headline-grabbing pop-singers right through their shallow, celebrity-obsessed hearts… delivered by an adorably insane character who secretly wants to be one of them!

A self-crowned “Pop Princess”, SuperGirly used to be an elite A-list celebrity before things went sour and she retreated into both her gaudy mansion… and her fantasy-filled head. Now, with her favourite movie star Bradley Cooper (Lyall Brooks) by her side (or perhaps just an unemployed actor who answered an ad in the paper) she feels like nothing can stand in her way to the top.  A musical rollercoaster, and there are plenty of huge laughs for everyone. If you LIKE pop music, you’ll love this show; if you HATE pop music, you’ll DEFINITELY love this show. And if you can't tell the difference between a One Direction and an S Club 7, you’ll be laughing so hard you won't care!

This is a place where anything can happen... and usually does. No star is safe from SuperGirly’s killer vocals, outrageous lyrics and razor-sharp wit. She takes on some of pop music’s biggest stars,with hysterical digs at the likes of Madonna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, One Direction, The Black Eyed Peas, even the doe-eyed Lorde... and what she does to Britney Spears can only be described as pure justice!

SuperGirly will change the way you listen to pop music forever!

SuperGirly (the alter-ego of Bogan Pride’s Lulu McClatchy) has performed sold-out seasons in the West End and Edinburgh, supported Sir Elton John on his 2002 Australian tour, brought the invite-only Montreal Just For Laughs concert to its knees, and starred in her own BBC sitcom. Now, after two critically acclaimed seasons in Melbourne, SuperGirly and Bradley have hit the road and will be heading to the coast!

“A show you can bring your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend or Great Aunt Betsy to.” Lip Magazine Melbourne

“I wish we could sing your lyrics instead of ours!” Mel C, Spice Girls

“It’s a big call, but this could be the funniest live show I have ever seen.”Weekend Notes Melbourne

SCvip Members $29 / Adult $33 / Concession $31 / Groups 8+ $31 / 26 years and Under $25