2018 Entrepreneurs with Spirit


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Best Western Kawana, 9 Florey Blvd, Birtinya   10:00am - 3:00pm
Business, Family, General Interest, Special Interest, Spiritual

PO Box 1171
Mooloolaba, Queensland, 4557

Website: http://www.RachaelBermingham.com

Reset, recreate, connect & get ready for 2018!

This event is for women who want to be brave, lift and rise to the level they KNOW in their inner being they are destined to be at, but need encouragement and honest support in order to get there.

In 2017 a lot of entrepreneurs went through big adjustments—we learned, we stretched, we hurt, and we limped, and trudged through our challenges. We had massive experiences that kicked us, shoved us, stripped us raw, and broke us so that we could see clearly what we needed to shed, change and learn about ourselves to FORCE us to get ready to evolve. After a big battering, we're only just levelling out.

We arrived into 2018 having freed up space, thrown out clutter, and dropped baggage that was weighing us down. We are picking up our pieces, not so we can put ourselves together again (that would just attract more of the same things we had in 2017), but to recreate ourselves with a fresh perspective—authentic to who we are, not who we were.

This year we remember who we really are, what we're capable of, what our potential is, we live our purpose, we do what we're born to do, and recreate ourselves from that place—our pure soul space.

We will be solidifying our foundation so we're honest, clear, balanced, and have a plan of what to do, and when to take full advantage of 2018—so we heed the Universe's call to take action, and benefit, excel, discover and live our bliss this year.

At the Entrepreneurs with Spirit event you will;

* Be able to speak your truth confidently and safely

* Get clear on what isn't working for you and know how to shed it so you don't keep repeating the same debilitating patterns that only hold you back

* Discover and see what your purpose really is so you won't feel confused anymore

* Understand what's important for you so your decision making is confident and easier

* Know what you want, when and why so you know exactly where you're heading

* Heal, and get rid of old stagnant energy so you have free, fresh space available for all the new and wonderful things coming to you this year

* See, and love your inner beauty and know what to do to bring it out and project it authentically on the outside

* Have a plan and steps you can take to achieve it

* Balance out yourself, and your world, so you no longer feel overwhelmed, over burdened, pressed or stressed

My question to you is this; are you going to have the same year as you had in 2017, or are you going to level up, make some changes, evolve and own 2018 and make it your best year and set the standard for all years to follow?

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