Artisan Camp - Build a Go Kart!


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Woodfordia   8:00am - 5:00pm

87 Woodrow Road
Woodford, Queensland, 4514


Build a dream machine using found, scavenged and recycled materials. Over two days you will learn how to use tools, the mechanics of steering and the steps involved in designing and creating your own Go Kart. After you've designed, made and tested your Kart, the course will culminate in an great race held at The Planting festival.

Go Karts are built in teams or families. The ticket price of $480 is per family and includes up to 2 adults and 3 youths. Youths must be over seven years of age to participate and all attendees are encouraged to use tools. Please bring water bottles and sun protection as well as any personal protective gear that you may have. 

Day One
First Session 
Welcome Program 
Outline Safety and Site Induction 
Material Scavenge Design Workshop  

Session Two 
Construction of Stage 1 - frame assembly 
Construction of Stage two – Wheel assembly and axle mount 

Day Two 
First Session 
Construction of Stage 3 - Steering assembly (continuation of stage two if needed) 
Construction of Stage 4 – decoration

Session Two 
Final touches & The Race! 
In the evening - Artisan Camp Final Dinner

All materials are included in the workshop price. Learn more about workshop host Aaron Barton.

Payment plan available.

Artisan Camp, a range of distinctive classes led by masters of their craft, is held each year leading up to our annual Planting festival at the stunning Woodfordia festival site. Complimentary morning yoga, meal packages and half price Planting tickets are available for Artisan Campees. 

For a full list of masterclasses available, booking and more information, please visit

The Artisan Camp is followed by The Planting, to which campers get half price tickets.