Foods to Grow Over Summer with Anne Gibson


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Yandina Community Gardens Inc.   9:00am - 11:00am
General Interest, Special Interest

41 Farrell St
cnr North Sts
Yandina, Queensland, 4561

Phone: 54467373

Our long, hot, humid and often wet summers can make growing a food garden uncomfortable, challenging and not very rewarding at times. With pests like grasshoppers, slugs, snails, and caterpillars seeming to eat more than we do, many gardeners give up on growing food at this time of year. Yet summer is a time of prolific growth and potential abundance!

With good planning, design and careful plant choices, you CAN grow a healthy edible garden from December to March and enjoy a bountiful harvest.

In this workshop, Anne Gibson will be sharing practical strategies and tips to grow a summer food garden including:

How to control microclimates and ways to minimise pests and diseases to create more favourable growing conditions.

Summer food varieties to grow that suit the climate.

Garden tasks for summer to optimise growth and ways to build healthy soil.

Easy crops to grow in pots and seasonal microgreens for quick salad picks, green juices, and stirfries.

How to work with nature for a greater abundance and strategies for dealing with common challenges over summer.

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