Adult Coir Weaving


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Yandina Community Gardens Inc.   9:00am - 12:30pm
General Interest, Hobbies, Special Interest

41 Farrell St
cnr North St
Yandina, Queensland, 4561

Phone: 07 5446 7373

You will learn how to begin consistently and how to add new fibre into your baskets, how to finish neatly and all about the importance of tension. You will also learn about how to bring up sides on a basket and how you can keep tension consistent by using an aid such as a metal or plastic or wooden bowl about the size and shape that you want your basket to become. Please bring something like this as weaving aid, as it will prevent you from making your basket too small. Also we can make mats if you wish. Choice is yours, because once you know the technique you imagination is the only limit.

Indigo has been learning all about weaving with natural fibres from various indigenous communities around Australia. She gives back to First Nations people whenever the opportunity arises , and has waited a long time for blessings to run weaving workshops here on the Sunshine Coast. Indigo is passionate about connecting people together through weaving, and connecting all people to the country in a respectful way. She uses both traditional fibre, but also she uses many things that may grow in your garden as well, helping our native environment by weaving with thing like cats claw.

Please note that this is a hands-on workshop and is longer than the usual workshop timing, as there is so much for you to learn and practice

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