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Chenrezig Institute   5:30pm - 8:00pm
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33 Johnsons Road
Eudlo , Queensland, 4554

Phone: 0491 873 258


Due to popular demand, we are organising a second screening and Q&A session via Zoom with the director Yeshe Hegan on

Saturday June 19 at 5.30pm in Chenrezig Institute gompa.

'Return to Gandhi Road' tells the extraordinary story of Kangyur Rinpoche, a renowned Tibetan master who escaped Tibet in the 1950s, and who, under instruction from the Dalai Lama, saved two truckloads of Buddhist texts from potential destruction.

The story is told through the eyes of the first few Westerners to meet Kangyur Rinpoche in Darjeeling, India in the '60s and '70s, and is narrated by one of those Westerners, New Zealander Kim Hegan, as he braves the journey back to India 40 years after Rinpoche's passing.

Join us to watch this new documentary feature film! 

To enrol for the event: 

  • If you registered for Friday May 28, but would prefer to come on Saturday June 19, please write an email to  and we will swap you over.
  • As this is a fundraiser for our centre we ask you kindly donate $15 to attend. You may, of course, donate more!  All donations go directly towards the support Chenrezig Institute to enable countless others to benefit from the Dharma. When making your donation, please write Return to Gandhi Road June 19 in the comment box
  • Donate here: 
  • Send an email with the donation receipt and your full name to:  Your name will go on the registration list at the door. 
  • You’re welcome to visit 7 days although our shop & Café open for cuppa & cake Fri to Sun 9am to 1.30pm, please BYO picnic lunch until our wonderful vegetarian lunches hope to return soon.

    Teachers’ availability subject to change; please check for updated information.

    Established 1974, Chenrezig Institute is a centre for Buddhist study, meditation, retreat and practice nestled in the foothills of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The Institute is home to a Tibetan Geshe (Lama), a large community of ordained Sangha (monks and nuns), students, residents, volunteers, retreat goers and guests.

    Apart from the formal study programmes, Chenrezig Institute is a peaceful, calm and relaxing place to spend a few hours, days or weeks. Stroll along the bush paths & wander around the Stupas in the formal Garden of enlightenment or the new Narlanda Masters statues Garden on the prayer wheel lawn.

    Also below the far carpark is ‘The Wellbeing Centre’ which provides courses focusing on cultivating physical, emotional and mental balance and wellbeing. They include authentic traditional and modern psychological approaches to health and lifestyle. They are suitable for everyone who maybe looking for genuine happiness and well-being in a non-religious framework.