Group Cycle Ride


Every Saturday

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Getbiking! Shop   5:30am - 7:00am
Hobbies, Sport

1 Park Place
Caloundra, Queensland, 4551

Phone: 0412 963 263

Cycle touring of Sunshine Coast and Hinterland. Small group of 10-20 medium to serious road cycle riders meet every Tuesday morning at Getbiking! store at Bowman Rd. at 5:30am (opposite Stockland) to cycle the local area for 90 minutes. Refreshing coffee and raisin toast afterwards at the pure waterfront Promenade Cafe. Great way to get some fresh air and meet like-minded cycling enthusiasts.

Get biking meets for a group cycle ride every Thursday. Road bikes only, medium to sometimes fast pace group ride. cycle around the sunshine coast and hinterland each week. Always a coffee and toast afterwards at La Promenade cafe on the waterfront. Also Saturday and Tuesday sametime.