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Learn to Dance as a Sport Image Learn to Dance as a Sport Image Learn to Dance as a Sport Image Learn to Dance as a Sport Image Learn to Dance as a Sport Image Learn to Dance as a Sport Image Learn to Dance as a Sport Image Learn to Dance as a Sport Image Learn to Dance as a Sport Image Learn to Dance as a Sport Image Learn to Dance as a Sport Image Learn to Dance as a Sport Image
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Cooroy Memorial Hall   7:00pm - 9:30pm
Dance, Family, General Interest, Kids, Music, Hobbies, School, Seniors, Social, Special Interest, Sport, Under 18

Cooroy Memorial Hall, Maple St,
next to RSL
Cooroy, Queensland, 4563

Phone: 07 5442 7013
Mobile: 0402 052 558
Website: http://www.danceballroomlatinswing.com

FUN AND ENERGETIC CLASSES - that will suit anyone from beginner to advanced, and it doesn't matter how young or how old.

Ballroom, Latin, Jitterbug & Jive, New Vogue, Sequence, Old-Time Favourites, English Old-time,

PERSONAL TUITION - Individual, Couple or Groups

WEDDING DANCE - Simple or Choreographed. SCHOOLS - Formals and Dance Fitness Classes. DANCE THEME PARTIES - Music and Tutoring.

TRAINING NIGHT - Serious Dance workout - no instruction SOCIAL NIGHT - Come along and enjoy a variety of dances in a very sociable atmosphere.

3 left feet are a specialty! and Singles are most welcome.

Classes will include Lots of basics and Lots of special technique tips to have you balanced and dancing to rhythm. If you prefer to just dance and leave the technique, no problem. It's all about socialising and enjoyment to music.  

Mission Statement:

.To teach to the best of our ability

.To develop in our students a firm grasp of basic foundation steps

.To continually learn the evolving technique from the best coaches in Australia

.To pass on our learning and understanding of the dances

.To teach it right the first time

Medals and Competitive Coaching .. Join DanceSport! We were pleasantly surprised. It's heaps of fun*** . It can get expensive, but it doesn't have to. If you're looking for a challenging and energetic hobby this is for you!

Trainers are accredited with DanceSport Australia under the mentoring of Andrew Graham from Helensvale Dancesport (Level 2 Coach & Adjudicator NV, STD, LTN, EOT), ensuring the knowledge given is of a high standard. 

Current Blue Cards for working with Children

WHAT IS DANCESPORT? Dancesport is dancing as a sport. Most people know Dancesport as competitive dancing, but what you realise is that it's not only competing with other people but it's competing with yourself. You don't need to enter a single competition to do that, but sometimes it does give you the urge to go a step further than you ordinarily would have. It's the challenge of overcoming hurdles, of going one better on each dance, of meeting the challenges of fear and disability, of learning new knowledge.

It's not about proving something, but about progressing something you loved in the first place. What we realise as we go beyond social dancing is that we didn't have all the knowledge we thought we did. We had the steps, sort of and we had the basic rhythm, sort of, and we could dance, sort of and we were happy as a pig in mud. We had it "all" till we found out we had nothing. We loved the dancing and we loved the music and that's all we needed.

But .... Dancesport opens a whole other world if you "want" to open the box.

There is a world more to learn and through higher level coaches we learned more about the technique and rhythm and started to feel more at one with each other and the music. That is pure magic! We don't have it all yet, but we do know we have a lifetime of enjoyment to get there and every step feels even more magic.

In DanceSport, competitive dancing allows the social dancer to enter as a social couple, individual with amateur, or pupil with teacher with various age groups from juvenile to Masters 3 (over 60yrs) and categories from beginner to advanced. The registered partners section progresses upwards from level 1 to level 5. At level 1 a sound knowledge of basics would be expected. At Level 5 one's knowledge would have extended to include not only complex routines, but movement across the floor, musicality, a sound knowledge of timing, use of arms and head-weight, footwork, alignments and much more. It is only then that one realises just how much there can be learned and that there really is a lifetime of enjoyment learning not only routines, but the technical aspects of dancing as well.

Competitive dancing is not only competing. It's about travelling and meeting new friends, stunning costumes, amazing venues and to our surprise it actually turned out to be a whole lot of fun! ... nerve racking fun at times but such a joy to achieve something you never thought you could.