Pranayama Breathing


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   10:00am -11:30am
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9 Maple Street, Cooroy, 4563

Phone:1300 LIBRARY

Pranayama is simply “the art of breath”. Join Bodhi Whitaker from Asone Yoga to discover why your breath is more important than food or water for maximum health. Learn Pranayama’s ancient Indian techniques to cleanse your body and create calmness, balance, improved lung capacity, and many other wonderful benefits. Pranayama can bring awareness to your everyday breathing. Find out how to absorb life's energy so you can just breathe, relax and enjoy life's journey. This session will cover: • 4 breathing techniques • 3 Bandhas (body locks) • 2 Mudras(connections) Yoga mats will be provided but please bring your own pillow/cushion if you wish to participate.