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Brisbane   10:00am - 5:00pm
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Acclaimed Sheltermaker Peter Cowman is proposing to lead a unique 2-day Course exploring the fascinating relationships between life, dream and a person's 'inner' architecture ...

Peter Cowman is an architect, eco-builder, writer and teacher delivering Courses & Workshops internationally on the subject of Living Architecture. He was born and educated in Dublin, Ireland, graduating from the School of Architecture, University College Dublin in 1976. Apart from his work as an architect, at various points of his nomadic life Peter has worked as a salesman, an art gallery director, a handyman and as a full-time parent. He began teaching people how to design their own homes in 1989, a task which he still pursues as director of the Living Architecture Centre. Never having had a mortgage himself, Peter has a special interest in the creation of affordable, low-impact, mortgage-free buildings and has developed a unique timber framing system for cost-conscious self-builders. Originator of the ‘Sheltermaker’ and ‘Living Architecture’ concepts Peter’s work has been widely publicised in both print as well as broadcast media, worldwide. His Sheltermaker's Manual is published by Australia's Python Press. He currently lives in central Victoria.

The Course will use the unique Living Architecture design process as a means of connecting with and exploring the dream of a person's life. In this way participants can not only get in touch with their individual life streams but manifest this in visible form. This is both a revealing as well as an empowering process which might be summed up as follows ...

Dare you ...
Imagine a place for your Self?
Or, explore the dream space inside you?
Or, discover the power of living architecture to change your life?
Or, simply enjoy a cool + original learning experience in a relaxed but focused environment with like-minded souls?

Further details of the Course structure is available at: or phone 03 5473 4284

The proposed Course will be held in the Brisbane - Sunshine Coast - Gold Coast area on Saturday & Sunday June 22nd & 23rd. from 10.00am to 5.00pm.

Help is needed to organise this Course. If you think you might be able to assist with this please contact Peter at 03 5473 4284 or eMail