Sleep Training - birth to 5 years


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Sunshine Coast Community College   0:30am - 4:30pm

North Shore Community Centre
128 Mudjimba Beach Road
Mudjimba, Queensland, 4564

Phone: 07 5478 2442
Mobile: 0433 778 496

Sleep Training - birth to 5 years 

The College brings sleep solutions expert 'Katie Forsyth' to the Sunshine Coast for a special sleep seminar for parents or industry professionals. 3 hours of seminar plus 1 hour of optional Q&A time from 3.30pm - 4.30pm. An incredible opportunity to access expert advice in a supportive group atmosphere and at an affordable price.

The tutor

Known as the ‘Brisbane Baby Whisperer’, Katie Forsythe, is set to share her expertise in establishing sleep routines and healthy sleep patterns for babies and young children. Ms. Forsythe was the first Australian to qualify as a Certified Child Sleep Consultant through the International Maternity Institute and is a member of both the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. Katie is the director of Parenting Prep visit her website to view all the amazing testimonials and information around sleep solutions Katie is qualified in a variety of baby sleep techniques. So you can feel confident that your sleep specialist can help your baby get to sleep and stay asleep without having to sacrifice your parenting style.

Topics covered

  • Sleep requirements for children of different ages, how much should they be getting?
  • Sleep solutions from birth to 5 years, the progression.
  • Self soothing techniques for children, what are the options?
  • Help your child go back to sleep independently throughout the night.
  • Understanding and development of age appropriate napping routines.
  • All techniques have their pros and cons and we will discuss a range of options. 
  • How to manage toddler sleep disruptions when a new baby comes.
  • Setting your plan and sticking to it, consistency is key. 
  • Other discussion points include co-sleeping, night feeding, toilet training & night time sleeping, early risers, consistent coming out of bed, TV & technology before bed, teething.
  • Optional Group Question & Answer time with Tea & Coffee for an hour at the end of the session. 

Important information

  • The seminar was originally 2 sessions however based on feedback the seminar has been condensed into one on the 21st of August. 
  • The seminar will consist of 3 hours seminar + 1 hour of optional Q&A at the end
  • Parents with children 16 months & under are welcome to bring them to the session, please feel free to bring a mat, toys, food, pram to keep them entertained.
  • Course fees are non refundable or transferrable so please choose carefully. 

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