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Lake Kawana Community Centre   6:00pm - 7:00pm
Art, Family, Kids, Music, School, Theatre, Under 18

114 Sportsmans Pde
Bokarina, Queensland, 4575

Phone: 07 5413 1400
Fax: 07 5413 1411
Website: http://www.scvenuesandevents.com.au

Fluff, a delightful story of what happened to a group of mismatched hand-­Â]made toys that have unfortunately been lost by the people who cherished them most…but found again by the caring and sweetly nutty Gingham family.

Master of eccentricity and mistress of comedy, Christine Johnston has created a delightful show along with dancer Lisa O’Neill and electronica musician Peter Nelson, which touches the hearts of children and their adults.

Enjoy a mix of physical comedy, playful dance, music, voice and whimsical characters playing with old and new technology…and fall in love with the 10 toy “stars” as we see why they came to be lost, before being welcomed into the Gingham’s colourful home.

Meet Fluff who was dropped under the couch then sucked up by the vacuum cleaner, Squibbly who was abandoned in the gutter by the family dog, and the Disco Frog who got caught in a ceiling fan.

This is a simple, joyful and humorous tale for children, told with a twist!

 All tickets $15 each

16 Oct 6pm & 17 Oct 10am