Introduction to the Gnostic Mysteries


Every Saturday

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   10:30am - 0:00am
Club, General Interest, Special Interest, Spiritual

Meeting Room, Kawana Library
Nanyima Street
Buddina, Queensland, 4575

Mobile: 0402 422 779

Gnosis, meaning Knowledge or Truth, is based on the personal and direct experience of the mysteries. It is the mystical science behind all religions and esoteric traditions that provides the path back to where we originally came, the path back to our Interior God.

The Gnostic Work is a work that is real and tangible. It has nothing to do with believing (or disbelieving), of being good (or bad), or blindly following another. It is a practical work that frees the individual from all conditioning, suffering and pain, and awakens them to the hidden realities of their physical, psychological and esoteric lives.

Topics include: Our Internal Being and the Universal Feminine Principle; the Fourth Way; the Psychological and Esoteric Constitution of Man; the Mind and Meditation; Dissolution of the Ego; Kabbalah (the Tree of Life); the Mysteries of Life and Death; Astral Travel; Alchemy; Esoteric Sciences; Awakening Consciousness and more.

Join us for this free three week introduction to the Gnostic Mysteries. All welcome! To RSVP please visit