Full Moon Dance


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Verrierdale Hall   7:00pm - 11:59pm
Dance, Music

Verrierdale Road
Verrierdale, Queensland, 4562

Mobile: 0407 137 335

It’s finally here, the next Full Moon Dance is set in stone for September 21st and we’re in full throttle to knock your socks off with upbeat electronic vibes of The Bird, the profound musical arrangements of Bullhorn, the raw energy of Barry Charles and a moving acoustic set from Lydia Goldthorpe. To top it off we have the  tribal Australian beats from Az.U.R mixing it up in the garden.

The Bird
If you have a pulse, The Bird will escalate it. Known as one of Australia’s finest live electronic dance outfits, The Bird’s organic interpretations of drum’n’bass, dupstep, breakbeats and electro synth lines will take you on a mind-expanding journey. After taking the stage at festivals such as Glastonbury, Falls Festival and Sydney Opera House we’re ultra excited to have them at the Full Moon Dance. But be warned… their energy is infectious!

With a sound born from a high-octane mix of funk, soul, hip hop, jazz, reggae and dance, Bullhorn take high energy to the next level. Straight up, this is 7 hard-hitting horn players, 1 boss drummer and a monster MC that deliver profound musical arrangements never failing to inspire.


Barry Charles and the Deeper Beat
Extreme Innovative Blues Vocalist, Barry Charles has a vocal range and technique nothing short of exceptional. Think Tom Waits, Otis Redding, Percy Sledge… B Charles will capture you with his passion and won’t let you go.

Lydia Goldthorpe
With a voice that can simultaneously brush softly against your soul whilst filing you with the intensity of an earthquake, Lydia will hold you between the past and future with her emotionally charged melodies.

Right off the back of 8 months touring the UK, we’re excited to have snapped up Az.U.R to keep the garden pumping with their fusion of authentic tribal Australian music and contemporary, edgy London beats. For 2 musicians their sound is unbelievably full with an alluring combination of didge, drums, percussion, synths and loops – perfected with heartfelt vocals.

Tickets: $25 At the door (Cash Only)
Food & beverages available with all of our bar proceeds go to the local community for the upkeep of our fabulous venue - The Verrierdale Hall. 18+ Licensed Event.