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Pomona Railway Station Gallery   10:00am - 4:00pm
Art, Special Interest

10 Station St
Pomona, Queensland, 4568

Phone: 07 5485 2950

The Pomona Railway Station Gallery will be hosting six large paintings commissioned by NICA (Noosa Integrated Catchment Association) which represent six vegetation types and ecological systems in the Noosa catchment.

  • Seacoast and Fore dunes
  • Tidal Wetlands
  • Fresh Water Wetlands
  • Heathlands, Wallum
  • Eucalypt Forest
  • Rainforest

This touring exhibition was opened at the Noosa Regional Gallery in June. Since then it has been displayed at the Maroochy Arts and Ecology Centre, and the Outrigger during the Sunshine Coast Wildflower Festival. Double sized banner reproductions of the six original artworks hang in the Noosa library as a permanent display.

Pomona Gallery is proud to have these artworks on display in the Hinterland area.  All residents and schools are invited to come and see the exhibition.


The project is designed to move us away from using generic imagery such as exotic hibiscus, frangipani and exotic palms to understanding and expressing our unique importance of place- only. When we understand this, we will be truly sustainable.

The paintings will be exhibited at Pomona Railway Station Gallery: Carriage House: Sept 20 - Oct 17, 2013; then onto Banana Shed at the Gallery Oct 17 - Nov 28, 2013.

 The project has been funded by Arts Queensland and SCC Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF).            

The Gallery is not open on Sundays and closes at 2:00 pm on Saturday.