Kathmandu Adventure Series


Kathmandu Adventure Series Image

Wild Horse Mountain   9:00am - 12:00pm

Wild Horse Mountain
Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Website: http://www.kathmanduadventure.com.au


Short, fast and fun, The Kathmandu Adventure Series is a race designed for weekend warriors looking for some physical, out of the ordinary fun and a true sense of accomplishment.

A short one hour drive from Brisbane, the first Queensland event is being held at the Sunshine Coast’s Wild Horse Mountain on 22 March.  

Teams of two will pit themselves against the competition in a fast and furious sprint that sees racers changing between three core disciplines – trail running, mountain biking and kayaking – in a test of mental and physical endurance.

Suitable for any fitness level and everyone with a real sense of adventure, the Kathmandu Adventure Series is designed to offer the perfect introduction to the exhilarating sport of adventure racing.

 The overall objective is for the teams of two to have fun, and complete the designated course (together, no relays) in the minimum amount of time possible (typically taking anywhere from two to six hours), by visiting each of the checkpoints in turn by foot, bike or kayak.

The exact course is not revealed until the day, leaving competitors only a short time to strategise their approach, but typically contains multiple trail running elements, mountainbiking bursts and kayaking challenges.

Just to keep racers on their toes, a natural obstacle or two (say, a mystery discipline or creek crossing) may be thrown into the mix to add a little extra spice and adventure to the course, so be prepared for the unexpected!

Those game need only gather friends, family or workmates and team up to make their mark in one of Queensland’s best outdoor locations. 

For those wanting to feel a sense of true accomplishment, set goals and achieve them in 2014, the Kathmandu Adventure Series is a must-do.

The $105 per person entry into this thrilling race includes race maps for the team, a delicious end of race meal, a share in over $8,000 worth of prizes from Kathmandu and importantly, a professionally organised, safe and enjoyable adventure race.

To enter or find out when upcoming races are being held, visit http://www.kathmanduadventure.com.au  or email info@maxadventure.com.au