Amozonia Raw Natural Protein Product Demo & Tasting


Amozonia Raw Natural Protein Product Demo & Tasting Image
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Kunara Organic Marketplace   9:00am - 12:00pm

330 Mons Road
Forest Glen, Queensland, 4556

Phone: 07 5445 6440

Cost: FREE

Raw natural protein -?It is a raw plant based protein and includes some wonderful ingredients such as sprouted and organic pea protein , sprouted and organic brown rice protein and living raw digestive enzymes .

This product is fully raw and organic. It has over 80% raw digestible protein and a complete amino acid complex making it very bioavailable for the body. There is nothing artificial or synthetic in this blend, making it easier to digest.?

It can be used to make a delicious protein smoothie, added on top of fruit salad or added to a tasty chia pudding.

Meet the Amazonia Crew this Saturday and taste some of their creations using this wholesome protein powder.

500g $44.95.

PLEASE NOTE: ?There is no need to book this event.