Parkers Cold Pressed Juice Tasting


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Kunara Organic Marketplace   12:00pm - 3:00pm

330 Mons Road
Forest Glen, Queensland, 4556

Phone: 07 5445 6440

Cost: FREE

Meet Sean from Parkers Organic Juice at Kunara this Thursday, 8th May from 12-3pm. Sean?s samples from the new ?cold pressed? Parkers juice range are sure to delight!

What's special about Parkers Organic Juices?

?1: Our Organic Growers

Our fresh fruit is sourced directly from organic growers. The farms are certified organic, so we know that no artificial chemicals or fertilizers are used growing the fruit.

?2: Processing the Juice

We squeeze our oranges and blend our juices daily. We focus on doing daily small production runs so the juice does not sit on the shelves but is distributed straight way to make sure you get the freshest juice possible. As we only use 100% fruit you may notice slight flavour variations as you would when you eat fresh fruit. We are proud of this as it shows we do not add anything to our juice except fruit.

?3: Bottling and the Factory

Our juice is then bottled and gently pasteurised so all the goodness and great taste is sealed in the bottle (most company?s pasturise and then hot fill). With our sparkling juices it is carbonated first then bottled then gently pasturized. Due to our innovative bottling processes we are leading the way in soft drinks as we are the only company that truly has a light carbonation process (small delicate bubble) which we have spent a lot of time developing. We do not use preservative in any of our products.

Experience the difference yourself.?No Bookings Required - We look forward to seeing you there.