Celebrate Men's Health Week - Men's Roadworthy Health Checks


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   8:30am - 5:00pm
Family, General Interest, Seniors

Alive & Kicking Medical Practices
Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Phone: 54442666
Website: http://www.AliveAndKickingMedicalPractices.com.au

Sunshine Coast men need to take better care of your health. Make a pit stop at one of our Alive & Kicking medical practices for your men’s roadworthy health check.

Is your ‘registration’ up for renewal? Would you pass a personal ‘roadworthy’ test? Now is the perfect time to make an appointment for your Pit Stop Men’s Health Check.

In today’s society, men are more reluctant than women to take control of their health and wellbeing, which can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and preventable illness. Statistics show that in almost all areas of health, men have higher and younger mortality rates than women. Five men die each hour from conditions that are potentially preventable, and in 2006 more than 48,000 men developed diseases such as type 2 diabetes and even prostate cancer (now the most diagnosed cancer in Australia per year). The risk of these could have been reduced with a simple yearly check up by your GP.

It’s time to take a proactive role in maintaining your health and wellbeing. The Pit Stop Men’s Health Check focuses on general health and encouraging men to maintain their health (in the same way they maintain and service their vehicles) placing importance on regular ‘mechanical tune-ups’.

The Pit Stop will include a check up of men’s: 

  • Chassis (hip to waist ratio) 
  • Torsion (flexibility) 
  • Exhaust (smoking) 
  • Fuel additives (alcohol consumption) 
  • Oil Pressure (blood pressure) 
  • Spark Plugs (testicles) 
  • Duco (skin cancer) 
  • Extractor – (colorectal cancer) 
  • Shock absorbers (coping skills)

Appointments can be made for your Men’s Roadworthy Check by contacting one of our Sunshine Coast clinics:

Parklands Medical Centre
Parklands Shopping Centre, Meridan Plains
5491 2888

Bundilla Clinic
5444 2666

Brightwater Medical Centre
Brightwater, Mountain Creek
5493 2888

Doctors On Buderim
5444 8688