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Lifeline Shop Pomona   8:30am - 3:00pm
Family, General Interest

Memorial Drive
Pomona, Queensland, 4568

Phone: 32501900

Race your fingers through the mountain of books!

On sale from just $2 each during the annual King of the Mountain Festival.

26 & 27 July. Lifeline Pomona Book Sale. 14 Memorial Drive, Pomona.

Sale starts 8.30am – 3:00pm

No matter whether you're supporting a loved one in the race or just a spectator, make sure you also visit Lifeline Pomona Shop. We have a great variety of quality book bargains at our annual Lifeline Pomona Book Sale with four trestle tables of books on sale. You can also see what's inside our shop and even update your wardrobe with our pre-loved clothing for the whole family.

Lots of hardcovers and paperbacks - so you are sure to find a good book or two!