Raw Essentials - tools for your raw food kitchen


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Kunara Organic Marketplace   10:00am - 2:00pm

330 Mons Road
Forest Glen, Queensland, 4556

Phone: 07 5445 6440
Website: http://kunara.com.au

Cost: FREE

?Join Leanne as she demonstrates how to use simple tools in the raw food kitchen.

What is raw food cooking, you may wonder? ?

People who are on a raw food diet (including many performance athletes) ?are mostly eating?raw?fruits, vegetables, and grains. The idea is that heating?food?destroys its nutrients and natural enzymes, which is bad because enzymes boost digestion and fight chronic disease. In short: When you?cook?it, you kill it. Some?raw?foodists believe?cooking?makes?food?toxic.?

Raw food cooking seems a bit of an oxymoron but you'll be surprised to learn how many absolutely mouth-watering recipes there are to tempt your taste buds.