Kinesiologist Elizabeth Hughes at Kunara


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Kunara Organic Marketplace   6:00pm - 8:00pm

330 Mons Road
Forest Glen, Queensland, 4556

Phone: 07 5445 6440

Cost: free!

Elizabeth Hughes, a Kinesiologist with over 20 years experience in Nutrition and Psychology is coming to share with us at Kunara.


  • Join Elizabeth as she explains what kinesiology is and how it works on the body.?
  • Learn the history behind the science and development of this popular natural therapy.?
  • Find out how to use simple kinesiology techniques on yourself and gain the ability to improve your own health at home.
  • Use muscle testing to find out which foods you should avoid.

?Elizabeth is author of the best selling book Your Body Has The Answer and her is available for purchase in store

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