White Ribbon Day - FREE womens Networking event


White Ribbon Day - FREE womens Networking event Image
Location Map

Riva Bar   6:30pm - 9:30pm
Special Interest

42b Marine Parade
Elwood, Victoria, 3184

Phone: +61 415 244 927
Website: http://atnd.it/16924-0

Networking fundraiser for White Ribbon Day

What's in it for you

-An opportunity for you to meet other Women Friendly Businesses and those interested in marketing to women so that you can grow your network of like-minded businesses

-A great way for you to introduce a friend or client in business to a high quality group of small business owners (we’re sure your friend will be delighted when you ‘drag’ them to the event because it was such a good use of their time!)

-A chance for you to take some time out of your working day to work on your business, not in it – one of the most powerful business growth strategies you can implement

What you will be supporting by attending

To support this cause, that NO women should be a victim of abuse

To raise awareness and support women

To make a stand that these statistics are not OK

1 woman is killed every week in Australia

1 in 3 women go through some form of abuse in their life time, it could be physical, emotional or sexual

What will you get from the event

Great speakers

Free food and drinks

Networking with business owners


Financial Education

Silent auction Guest speaker Tessa Jetson
Tessa is a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) facilitator, remarkable Life Coach and avid property investor. Once a broke single mother struggling to simply put food on the table, Tessa is now a successful businesswom