[B]RAVE - "White Ribbon Day" rock event "say NO to violence against women"


[B]RAVE - "White Ribbon Day" rock event "say NO to violence against women" Image
Location Map

Grace Darling Hotel   7:00pm - 1:00am

114 Smith St
Collingwood, Victoria, 3066

Phone: +61 415 244 927
Website: http://atnd.it/16923-0

Come and listen to amazing music and raise funds and awareness and help STOP violence to women.

All female performers from

Rock to POP

Rosie & The Mighty Kings

The Groovettes 1960s TRIO

Katy Perry Show & Jen Sue Dancers

Burlesque Dancers

Ellise Kibel

MC Kaita Loisel

Why should you attend

.To support this cause, that NO women should be a victim of abuse

.To raise awareness and support women

.To make a stand that these statistics are not OK

.1 woman is killed every week in Australia

.1 in 3 women go through some form of abuse in their life time, it could be physical, emotional or sexual

Everyone who buys a ticket will get a free Goals Ebook and Workbook Value $39.95 as a thank you gift!

Category: Fundraisers | Charities

Facebook: http://atnd.it/16923-1

Price: Entry : AUD 20

Artists / Speakers: Rosie & The Mighty Kings, The Groovettes, Ellise Kibel, Katy Perry, Burlesque Dancers, Kaita Loisel, Jen Sue Dancers