Mitchell Creek Rock n Blues Fest


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Mary Valley   8:00am - 0:00am
Art, Dance, Family, General Interest, Music, Hobbies, Social, Special Interest, Under 18

Lot 3 Mitchell Creek Road
Upper Kandanga, Queensland, 4570


Billed as being "designed to get you out of the dodge and take you on an adventure that connects you with friends, music and likeminded people in an intimate and inspirational setting." So did it deliver on its promise? If the jubilant faces on artists and patrons alike are anything to go by, then a resounding "yes" echoed thought the 90 acre private bushland property. Nestled in the picturesque Mary Valley just two hours north of Brisbane and 45 minutes west of Noosa, the festival turns on a major show. Australia plays host to many a fine festival promoting top acts and delighting audiences and there no doubt that the organisers put thogether a stellar program line-up that absolutely moved the crowd to the music, yet also offered something quite special and just a little bit different from the usual festival.

Graceful Australian trees became a natureal bushland wall surrounding the property, which itself was shaped like a huge amphitheatre creating clear, warm acoustics, cushioned by lush, soft grasses to relax on.

There is plenty of room to move about freely without being jostled. The spring weather display's beautiful sunny blue skies by day and sparkling stars in the clear black nights that shined so much brighter in the clean country air. The fessh, locally grouwn delicious meals, BYO drinks, and spectacularly huge bonfire crackling away in the centre of the grounds created a relaxed campfire feel that took many back to childhood memories whilst catching up with old friends and making new ones as easily as a family barbecue.

The music reaches out to you wherever you were, whether dancing in the mosh pit, chilling out in the campsites, or at the friendly food stalls and marquees in between. Every part of the propertry delivered prime vantage point to enjoy the festival.

With over 150 of Australia's amazing rock and blues artists performing for three days the calibre of the music was nothing short of incredible! Engineers pay close attention to detail with high quality sound emanating from the two stages that rotate seamlessly from one act to the next keeping everyone thoroughly entertained. With no waiting in between acts and no decisions about which to see - everyone could see them all!!

Lighting effects shot out from the stages in a blaze of colour and excitement reaching into the crowd below. Everyone is swept up in the surreal carnival vibe of the moment. It is an intimate and moving as a house concert, yet as powerful and raunchy as a huge stadium event.

2015 IS GOING TO BE EVEN BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER! Expected to sell out as it is on everyone's lips how much fun they had last year!

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