ZOO RUN @ Bribie with Queensland Zoo


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Brennan Park Bribie Island   6:00am - 9:00am
Family, General Interest, Sport

Brennan Park
Bribie Island, Queensland, 4507

Phone: 0407 033 315
Website: http://www.zoorun.com.au

Come and help us raise funds for the Queensland Zoo charity of choice, Free the Bear Fund.  Help us save the Sun Bears.

100% of the profits will be donated to Conservation....lets Run to Save Wildlife!

What a fun day we have planned for our next ZOO RUN on Bribie Island.  A beautiful 5km , 2km or novelty run running along side our beautiful Pumicestone Passage.

Majestic views of Glasshouse Mountains as well as a chance to spot a local or two – stingrays, turtles, dolphins or maybe even a dugong!

The ZOO RUN will be once again split into waves.

If you are FAST and can run 5km under 20 minutes you select  

5 Km – Run like an Emu!

The fastest group in the 5km race. Suitable for the serious athlete who doesn’t want to trip over the Koalas and Turtles! Emus can run incredibly fast and Bribie is home to the famous Eric the Emu, so quite logical to choose Emu as the fastest group

5km – Kick-Ass Koala

This is the middle group in the 5km run. Not as ultra-serious as the Emu’s but still pretty competitive. Koalas may sleep for 22 hours a day, but during the other two hours, they kick ass!

Trudge like a Turtle!

OK, this is the slowest group in the 5km race and you will be the third group to leave. But hey, you’re still running! It’s not like you are still on the couch.


All the 2km runners will leave at the same time – no wave starts (if you’re fast, just head to the front of the group at the starting line)

When you pay to run in the 5km ZOO RUN or 2km ZOO RUN you will receive a FREE ZOO RUN shirt as well as some other goodies on the day

Don’t forget FREE ENTRY into the  


is included in the cost of a ZOO RUN ticket.

Novelty ZOO RUN

The novelty event is all about fun!  We want to see all the families and little kids dressed up and ready to take on the 1km run/walk.  It is all about being seen!  Best dressed prizes for individuals and families or groups.

Everyone entered into the Novelty ZOO RUN will receive a Fun ZOO RUN Bib to keep with Eric the Emu on it as well as a competitor ribbon for the kids.

To book your Tickets go to


All the novelty event runners will leave at the same time – no need for serious athletes when you’re just having fun