FoodSocial Cook Off - Pizza with +39 Pizzeria And Sempre Pizza and Calzone


FoodSocial Cook Off - Pizza with +39 Pizzeria And Sempre Pizza and Calzone Image
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All 4 U Cafe Dockside Tower   11:00am - 1:30pm
Business, Club, Social

536 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000


Want to meet new friends and cook at the same time? This popular FoodSocial Cook Off event is a fun,social and interactive way to cook and connect.This pizza cook off is a collaboration between award winning +39 Pizzeria and Sempre Pizza & Calzone. Watch and learn pizza making demonstration from Executive Chef Francesco Ravanelli and get some tips to make great homemade pizza.This will be your chance to learn from top chef and have fun as you come up with two winning pizzas! 

You'll be greeted with a glass of sparkling as you arrive and meet others in an ice breaker session before the cook off starts.Don't think you can cook? It doesn't matter. You'll be given tips and demonstration of how to make pizza from Executive Chef Francesco before you are divided into small teams for the cook off. The pizza dough will be ready for you to roll out and add the toppings.That's right - your team will be provided with quality ingredients sourced from both pizzerias to cook up a storm! The best team will get to win a prize by serving the best pizza judged by a judging panel. And, of course you'll get to enjoy your own made pizzas in great company. Learning to make pizza from great Italian chef with a new friends found sounds like a perfect recipe for a leisure Sunday! 
What You'll Get 

Enjoy a complimentary sparking upon arrival
An exclusive cooking demonstration and tips from Executive Chef Francesco Ravanelli
Hands on cooking experience
Quality ingredients sourced from +39 Pizzeria and Sempre Pizza & Calzone
Cooking equipments provided
Two pizzas 
Prize for winning group

Category: Food / Drink


Pre-sale ticket AUD 59.00

General ticket AUD 59.00

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