River Cottage Australia Dinner & Book Launch - Paul West @ Pope Joan


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Pope Joan   7:00pm - 10:00pm

75-79 Nicholson St
South Australia, 3056

Phone: +61 3 8415 1415
Website: http://atnd.it/24358-0

Over the past three years we've enjoyed watching Paul West in episodes of  River Cottage Australia; from its humble beginnings to a now fully functional small holding - and often muttered 'wouldn't mind the recipe for that!"
Well, this April the long awaited cookbook will be published and we'll be joining with like-minded local food hero and chef Matt Wilkinson and his team at Pope Joan to host River Cottage Australia host and chef Paul West at a dinner to launch his new cookbook.
Over 3 years ago, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall sowed the seed for an antipodean River Cottage installing Paul West in a beautiful old dairy farm on the Southern NSW coast hinterland that needed lots of love and TLC.
Paul is a fresh, exciting face on the global food scene, as well as a brilliant presenter. Predictably, there are comparisons drawn between Hugh and Paul, but despite their obvious differences (for our money Paul is a better cook!)  they have similar passions - sustainability and environmental issues being at the forefront - and on the farm they celebrate beautiful produce, foraging and the importance of cooking and eating with their local community. Featuring recipes from the first three series of River Cottage Australia, The River Cottage Australia Cookbook showcases the delicious dishes which Paul has been creating on the farm. The book is divided into seven chapters and includes more than 120 recipes such as pumpkin scones, roasted octopus salad, baked salmon, spiced aubergine salad, pig on a spit, borlotti bean broth, raw courgette salad and warm curb cake with honey rhubarb. With a preface by Hugh (and a sprinkling of his recipes throughout), plus atmospheric, beautiful photography by Mark Chew, this is going to beone of the best cookery books of the year.
Join us for a lovely dinner prepared by Matt and inspired from Paul's book.  We'll be celebrating with delicious local produce, local wines and having a chat with Paul about what life is really like on the Rive

Price: Dinner with Paul West - River Cottage Australia: AUD 150.00

Artists / Speakers: Paul West, River Cottage Australia, Matt Wilkinson, Pope Joan, Sally's Paddock

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