Bloomhill Buderim Burn


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Ballinger Road Buderim   8:00am - 12:00pm

58 Ballinger Road
Buderim, Queensland, 4556

Phone: 07 5445 5794
Mobile: 0437 878 232

About the Race

The inaugural Bloomhill Buderim Burn is a 750m road race up the steep and challenging Ballinger Road in Buderim. The steep incline tests even the toughest of competitors whilst providing a challenging and fun event for families and weekend warriors alike. The unique nature of this race, set against the backdrop of the magnificent Sunshine Coast offers runners and walkers of all abilities a fun yet challenging morning out!

100% of the monies raised from the 2015 Bloomhill Buderim Burn will be used to set up a Lymphoedema Service. Lymphoedema can occur in people who have had lymph glands removed or affected after cancer treatment and is a chronic swelling (oedma) usually in the arm(s) or leg(s). A badly swollen limb may result in loss of mobility, discomfort and pain. Coping with everyday activities may become difficult and affect the quality of life.

In order to monitor those at risk and to treat those who are affected by Lymphoedema, Bloomhill wants to install a diagnostic machine, have trained Lymphoedema nurses and therapists and provide ongoing education and management sessions.

Anyone and everyone can enter. You will find that there is a race category for all ages and abilities.


What are the Race Categories and Start Times?

The Race Categories and their Start times are outlined below – you need to be at the Start Line 20 minutes prior to your race. The timings are subject to change depending on numbers per race. All up to date timings will be posted on our website, Facebook and will be on display at the registration tent.


RACE – Times subject to change


Last minute registrations for non- timed events

Bloomhill Race HQ


$20 per person - Teams – Corporate/ Club/School/General


$20 per person - Teams – Corporate/ Club/School/General


$20 per person - Teams – Corporate/ Club/School/General


$15 per person - Op Shop Run – not timed


$20 per person - Men’s Open


$20 per person - Women’s Open


$ 10 per person - Boy’s Senior school 10-12


$10 per person - Boy’s Senior school 7-9


$10 per person - Girl’s Senior School 10-12


$10 per person - Girl’s Senior School 7-9


$10 per person - Boy’s Junior School 4-6


$10 per person - Girl’s Junior School 4-6


$10 per person - Beat the Butterfly Walk – not timed

 Family Pass - $40 (2 adults, 2 children)

How do I Register? 

You can register online up until 5:00pm, Friday 12 June.  Alternatively you can collect a registration form from Bloomhill – 58 Ballinger Road.

You can register for the non-timed events (Op Shop Run and Beat the Butterfly Walk) either on Saturday 13 June from 12 noon – 4pm at the Bloomhill Centre – 58 Ballinger Road or on the morning of 14 June from

06:30 – 08:00am.

If you are registering online, you will receive an email confirmation of your entry. If you experience technical difficulties whilst trying to make an online booking please contact Adam McGill on 54061222 or email