International Food Festival


Location Map

Werribee Racecourse   10:00am - 9:00pm
Family, Social

2 - 10 Bulban Road
CBD, Victoria, 3030

Phone: 0439 323 232

Werribee Race course will have a large heated food court celebrating culinary delights from different parts of the world. From Mexican food to Italian, from Indian food to Ethiopian food, you can experience and taste a range of interesting cuisines. The venue will host camel rides, pottery workshops, spice markets, wine tasting and much more. Wyndham's large pool of multicultural groups will provide range of cultural performances.

Victoria is known for its love for food. Being the first food festival of its kind in Wyndham, the event promises to evoke a massive response from Victoria's food lovers. With more and more families cooking and experiencing different types of food at home this international food will be loaded with a rich culinary experience.

As a business, this is a perfect opportunity for you to showcase your products/services at the venue.

The festival grounds at the Werribee Race course will turn into a playground of food and culture. With numerous activities for families including kid rides, entertainment, games and camel rides, the event promises to be a trip into a world of culture, spice, colour, patriotism and music. The venue will have an exclusive area for a large spice market. There will also be an art exhibition, fashion stalls and pottery workshop.


1) Tantalising food varieties
2) Gala stage performers – singers, musicians & dancers
3) 10 Hours of cultural extravaganza
4) International Dancers
5) Multi-talented Musicians
6) Extravagant fashion show
7) Camel Rides
8) Cheese and Wine Market
9) Fashion Parade
10)Art Exhibition
11) Taste Cheese, Chips, curries, Dumplings, Noodles, Laksa, other mouth watering foods.
12) Yoga Classes
13) Cultural Experience
14) Jewellery and Clothes exhibition
15) Other surprising stalls, children’s rides

Organised by biggest event organiser in Melbourne.


General Admission: AUD 5.00

Artists: Hari, Dj Arya, DJ Piper, Rock n Roll, Britney, Testo