FoodSocial Global Feast from A-Z : Cambodia with Bopha Devi


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Bopha Devi Docklands   12:00pm - 2:30pm

27 Rakaia Way
Docklands, Victoria, 3008

Phone: +61 3 9600 1887

Love experiencing new culture and cuisine? Join us as we take you on a global cultural journey from A - Z , experiencing one culture at a time. From the festive South American Brazil, we are now taking you to a rich historical heritage of South East Asia. In collaboration with the only Cambodian restaurant in city of Melbourne, Bopha Devi Docklands, we bring Cambodia to you.Cambodian food is rich in its heritage influence of China, India and France.You'll be greeted with a cocktail as you come in and meet and mingle with other food lovers in an ice breaker session. Taste specially created traditional Cambodian menu that you won't get anywhere else, watch a demonstration on how to create a traditional dish and you'll get the chance to recreate the dish in a hands on experience. You'll be entertained with interactive games with prizes to be won and learn the culture from the owner Chan, whom is passionate of his heritage. Come solo or with your friends and enjoy a shared cultural dining experience as we bring Cambodia to you!
What You'll Get

Enjoy a complimentary cocktail upon arrival
Enjoy five traditional Cambodian menu that is specially created for the event
Watch a cooking demonstration
Hands on cooking experience
Prizes to be won
Discount voucher

What People Said about FoodSocial Global Feast

"I had a great time enjoying the finger lickin' good food. Learned a lot about Afghanistan's cuisine and culture. Big thumb up!"- Max on FoodSocial Afghanistan Feast

"Very enjoyable.Nice way to meet people."- Margaret on FoodSocial Brazilian Feast

About Bopha Devi Docklands

Bopha Devi Docklands has been inspired by Cambodia’s most exotic, light, delicate, healthy and authentic food. Pronounced ‘Bo-pah Dev-vee’ which translates to ‘Goddess of Devine Heavenly Flower’, the restaurant aims to promote the blossoming awareness of Cambodia, its heritage and food.  Their menu features an extensive range of clas

FoodSocial Pre-sale ticket: AUD 60.00
General ticket: AUD 69.00
Buy TWO Promo Ticket: AUD 65.00

Artists/Speakers: Bopha Devi, FoodSocial