In Conversation with Ramona Koval


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School of Arts   6:30pm - 8:00pm
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63 Memorial Drive
Eumundi, Queensland, 4562

Phone: 0415 416 434

Sunshine Hinterland Writers present RAMONA KOVAL & KRISSY KNEEN in conversation with academic and local author Dr Judith Powell. 

RAMONA KOVAL has carved herself a reputation as one of the most formidable literary interviewers in the world, travelling to prestigious writer’s festivals in many different countries. (she has described herself as a ‘professional asker of questions’). Sho is also, however, a significant writer, with, amongst other work, two collections of essays, a novel and, now, a memoir, Bloodhound, Searching for My Father.
Ramona’s parents were Holocaust survivors who fled their homeland and settled in Melbourne. As a child she learned little about their lives—only snippets from traumatic tales of destruction and escape. But she always suspected that the man who raised her was not her biological father.

One day in the 1990s, long after her mother’s death, she decides she must know the truth.

‘I looked up the name in the phone book and rang the number. I tried to imagine the conversation that might ensue. “Hello? I was wondering if you’re the man who was recently at an auction and asked a woman named Bernadette if I was married and had children and was happy—and if you are, are you my real father?’”
Bloodhound is a quest for identity recounted with Koval’s customary humour. It takes hold of the reader and never lets go. It is a moving story of the terrible cost of war and of family secrets.


KRISSY KNEEN Krissy Kneen is the award-winning author of the memoir Affection, which was shortlisted for a Queensland Premier’s Literary Award and the 2010 ABIA awards for Biography; Triptych: An Erotic Adventure; and the novel Steeplechase. In 2014, she won the prestigious Thomas Shapcott Award for poetry. She is founding member of Eatbooks Inc and, amongst all these other achievements manages to be the marketing and promotions officer at Avid Reader bookshop. She will be talking about her new novel, The Adventures of Holly White and the Incredible Sex Machine.

Both authors will be in conversation with academic and local author Dr Judith Powell.
The bar will open at 6.30pm. 
Berkelouw Eumundi will be offering books for sale on the night.