Mother starring Noni Hazlehurst


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Lake Kawana Community Centre   7:29pm - 9:00pm

114 Sportsmans Parade
Bokarina, Queensland, 4575

Phone: 54131400
Fax: 54131411

Genre: Drama / Black Comedy

Duration: 70mins no interval 

Christy is a homeless, aging woman, living on the outskirts of suburbia.  She is something of a celebrity, attracting the curiosity of the locals. Christy is not shy of an audience and amuses herself with telling anyone who’ll listen the story of her life.  Her story is part truth, part fiction, and even Christy is no longer sure which is which.  But beneath her wild exaggerations and fantastic tales of loves lost and struggles overcome there are truths that haunt her, certain events that she would rather forget but cannot.

Christy is an outrageous, irreverent character, a contradictory figure who is larger than life.  Despite herself, her exaggerated stories reveal the past she desperately wants to hide.  She may have been cast out of society, but she can never escape from herself.

Noni Hazlehurst is one of Australian leading actors and TV personalities, having starred in many productions on stage, in film, and TV including presenting TV7’s Better Homes and Gardens (1995-2005), as well as starring roles in City Homicide (2007-2011), and recently A Place to Call Home (2013+)

Earlier work included starring roles in TV’s The Sullivans, The Box, Play School, and films Monkey Grip, Fatty Finn, The Broken Shore and Candy.

Mother was written specifically for Noni as she was keen to perform in a one woman play.

A drama workshop is also available on Monday 24th October (time TBC) for actors wishing to hone and develop their skills.  Contact the venue for all of the details or click here to book your place.