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Yogawave Yoga Studio   9:30am - 3:00pm
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Treatments $75 Please phone Debbie on 0414 962327 for an appointment. In rooms yogawave Yoga Studio, 59 Rene St Noosaville 

Reiki (Ray - Key) is a Japanese word for Universal (Rei) Life force Energy (Ki).   

Rei can be defined as the Higher intelligence that guides the universe. It is the subtle wisdom that is infinite and permeates everything both animate and inanimate. Ki is vital for life to exist and it is present in and around all living things. This life force flows through the energetic channels of the system to sustain health and wellness ReikiWhen Ki is not present there can be no life. This energy is also known by many other names including Ch’i (Qi) and Prana. 

Reiki is a system of energy (Ki) healing. A Reiki practitioner acts as a channel for Ki and places their hands on or near the recipient over a series of locations on the body. Reiki flows through the energy channels of the body known as the chakras, nadis and meridians as well as in and around the aura. These channels have been described through other healing modalities such as acupuncture and other pressure point therapies. The hand placements have a correspondence to these energy channels. From Level 2 training Reiki can also be used for distance healing.

Reiki is an intelligent force that knows exactly where to go and how to respond to restrictions in the flow of Ki in the system. It always knows what a person needs and will adjust itself to what is appropriate for them. Reiki cannot harm and is always helpful.

Reiki and Health  Our essential self is pure awareness and in balance but there a many factors that can have a negative influence on this balance. Age, hereditary factors, belief systems and life experience all affect our bodies ability to remain healthy.

Most people now accept that negative thoughts and feelings can also play a major role in the disruption of the flow of Ki through the body eventually manifesting as illness, disease and distress. 

Reiki has the ability to clear and energise on all the levels of the system; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and also has the ability to heal destructive thought processes and negative emotional patterns enabling positivity to build. With positive action, emotion and thought we are more able to remain in balance and to heal naturally.

Medical intervention for illness may become necessary when the energetic system becomes so depleted and lacking that it is unable in that moment to restore itself to health. It is often able to give some much needed time to bring the body back into stability once again. 

It is not necessary for the practitioner or the recipient to be aware of the source of illness or negativity for Reiki to work. Reiki is drawn to where it is needed.

When applying Reiki the practitioners own energy is never depleted as it is being drawn from a limitless source. In fact, while giving a Reiki treatment the practitioner also receives the Reiki energy.

Does Reiki cure?

Reiki is not a cure but rather it clears and reenergises the system enabling natural healing to occur.

Does Reiki Always Work?

Reiki always has positive benefits.

Reiki may work slowly or swiftly and aid in bringing the body back to complete health on a physical level.

It may support the person, through broadening understanding, to experience and accept more fully. 

It may help a person in transition from this life to the next. 

Whatever the outcomes Reiki soothes, reduces fear and helps clear unhelpful thoughts and emotions. Reiki can be applied to anyone for any reason and is immediate.