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Factory Theatre   9:30pm - 10:30pm

105 Victoria Road
Marrickville, New South Wales, 2204

Phone: 0402 940 275

Described as "Waiting for Godot" for teenagers.

"Passing Time" is an existentialist comedy dealing with teenagers at the end of their high school years.

"Passing Time" is an existentialist play dealing with teenagers at the end of their high school years. It deconstructs teenage clichés and explores their sense of loss and their wonder of the wider world they now find themselves in.

Set in what could be any suburban street. The characters are all feeling lost and the sense that they have little to live for. That is, until a parcel is set in front of a post-box outside a house, which becomes for them, a call to action. Now, a choice in life confronts them. But will they ever get to make a choice or will they just meander into nothingness.

It's inspired by the works of Samuel Becket, and Tom Stoppard. The themes of pointlessness, questioning reason and finding meaning are all addressed in "Passing Time". Its comical style at points leans towards absurdist as the characters play certain stereotypes in an ironic fashion.

Category: Arts | Performing Arts | Comedy.

Artists / Speakers: Liviu Monsted, Nat Hole, Lauren Blenkinship.


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