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Independent Comedy Theatre    7:30pm - 10:00pm
General Interest, Seniors, Social, Theatre

1 Main Street
Palmwoods, Queensland, 4555

Phone: 07 5472 8200
Mobile: 0463 322 268
Website: http://www.theindeeatpalmwoods.com

Bookings are open for the comedy A Dead Funny Christmas opening on Friday, 13th November for two weekends. 

Dinner and show packages and group discounts available.

5472 8200 or www.theindeeatpalmwoods.com

This is a revisited comedy that burst onto the stage in 2001.  An Independent Theatre original, it took out 15 awards, not a bad haul and there wouldn’t have been too many other productions around at the time (if any) that would have gotten anywhere near it. The awards included  Best Female Actor (Supporting Role), Certificate of Merit, Best Comedy, Best Director, Best Unpublished Script and Best Overall Play (2001 SC Theatre Festival). Also Best Play, Best Souvenir Program, Best Costumes, Best Set, Best Script, Best Direction, Best Female Lead Actor, Best Female Supporting Actor, Best Male Supporting Actor (Jan 2002 Star Awards),

It’s one of those plays that zips along via a mix of situation driven laughs and one-liners. The plot involves a single mother, her daughter (who is herself a single mother, with a teenage daughter), a second and unmarried daughter, a lady plumber, a very rich bachelor (but not single for long) and a bloke with a furniture removal truck (who insists on also doing the interior decorating whether it’s wanted or not).

The setting is a month or two before Christmas and Daisy Slade’s daughter, Terrie, brings home Sheila, a new friend, who’s a lady plumber. Sheila and Terrie announce that they’re an item and can they have Daisy’s blessing?  Daisy, thrilled by the idea of having an in-house plumber, says certainly. From there the world goes haywire with the unexpected arrival of daughter No 2, Pru, who has a prospective millionaire fiancée in tow. It’s an hilarious romp from start to finish and a great pre-Christmas entertainment.  

Inhabiting these wonderful characters are some fine Coast comedy players, Debbie Pitura, Luke Lanham, Rita Walker, Ruth Montgomery, Keith Souter and Carol Burls.

 Fabulous buffet dinner table and a great show for an exceptional price.
 Dinner and show $42  bookings of 8 or more $39 cardholders $37
Non-dining evenings $25, conc. $23, cardholders $20
Sundays all tickets at concession price - $23  cardholders $18

Friday, November 13 - 7.30 (non-dining)  Friday, November 20 - 7.30 (non-dining)
Saturday November 14 6.00pm for dinner  Saturday, November 21 - 6.00 for dinner at 6.30
at 6.30              Sunday, November 22 - 2.00pm (non-dining)Sunday, November 15 - 2.00pm (non-dining)