Autism Aspergers Training Workshop


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Lake Kawana Community Centre   9:00am - 3:30pm
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114 Sportsmans Parade
Bokarina, Queensland, 4575

Mobile: 0422 621 749

For Support Workers, Employment Agency Staff and First Responders.

The training provides a detailed description of individuals with Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome, including profiles on the neurology, biology, perception differences and cognitive processing ability of those with ASD.

Nelle’s workshop will enable you to decode behaviours for better support and interaction with clients. 

Participants will learn specific techniques for dealing with challenging behaviours and how to decrease stress in those with AS. 

The training includes Nelle’s high-impact Sensory Detective Workshop ® - an interactive exercise that allows you to look at Autism/Asperger’s from the inside out! You'll learn first hand how sensory stimuli influences all behaviour and emotional regulation ability. This knowledge allows you to utilise more effective methods of engagement with clients!


  • understand how Autism/Asperger’s presents in adults
  • in-depth knowledge cognitive differences
  • ASD- specific behaviour management strategies
  • de-escalating techniques
  • link sensory issues + behaviour
  • establish effective engagement techniques

Professional Development Contribution 6 hours

Cost: $120-

Registration Information: Register online at or

email Nelle at to be invoiced for payment.

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