Mindfully Boosting Your Energy at Work with Lindel Greggery


Mindfully Boosting Your Energy at Work with Lindel Greggery Image
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Chenrezig Institute   9:00am - 4:30pm
General Interest, Special Interest, Spiritual

33 Johnsons Road
Eudlo , Queensland, 4554

Phone: 07 5453 2108
Website: http://www.chenrezig.com.au

Are the pressures of modern work life making you feel drained of energy, burnt out and lacking in vitality?

In this one-day corporate mindfulness workshop you will learn how a daily mindfulness practice can help you better manage your mental and physical energy, so you feel more engaged and energized at work and at home.

In this enjoyable and interactive workshop we will practice an easy to learn secular mindfulness technique that has been scientifically validated to enhance performance at work and reduce stress and emotional exhaustion.

The workshop will also help you cultivate useful mental strategies to prevent the struggle around the things at work that you cannot change. You will also take home some practical tools and techniques to improve your sleep quality and create good nutritional habits to enhance health and vitality.

Key course learnings:
– Gain more relaxation, focus and clarity of mind
– Improve your mental energy
– Prevent your mind from spiraling into negative thought patterns
– Sleep better
– Manage your nutrition to boost energy levels
– How to have mindful performance breaks
– How to stop struggling with things you can’t change.

Sunday, 15 November, 9.00am – 4.30pm. Facility fee: $149

10% discount for members and concession card holders Accommodation and meals available separately. Bookings essential.