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zen collective   10:00am - 8:00am

106 Old Pittwater Road
brookvale, New South Wales, 2096

Phone: 1300 339 681

Shi means teacher. Fu means father. Your Shi Fu is your spiritual father (or mother). There are countless spiritual Shi Fu’s in soul form. They find you. It may have taken hundreds of lifetimes to have one of these highest-level saints become your Shi Fu. In the Program, approved participants receive a Divine Assignment for a Shi Fu. It is one of the greatest honors to have a Shi Fu to train, bless, nourish, help, protect and enlighten your physical and spiritual life anytime, anywhere.
The 3 day Shi Fu Training Workshop is the foundation for the 15 week program that is to follow (additional honour fees apply if you choose to take the training program, it is being run independently). We will be connecting globally, as this sacred training will be happenning in many cities at the same time, it will be powerful!
Join us in person or via Webcast:
Friday Feb 5, 10am – 10pm
Saturday Feb 6, 10am – 10pm
Sunday Feb 7, 10am – 6pm
Master Mirva, Master Robyn and Master Carol look forward to connecting heart to heart, soul to soul, and truly serving you in the most beautiful way.
More then an invitation… a sacred calling!
With love and blessings,
Master Sha’s Tao Healing Team Sydney
1300 3396815
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The Power of Soul is an organization that teaches and shares powerful techniques to release energy, matter, emotional and spiritual blockages to give you the power to heal, bless, transform and enlighten every aspect of your life. It’s based on Master Sha’s teachings on soul healing, adapted from both Western and traditional Chinese medicines.


purchace online: AUD 130

purchase door: USD 175

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