An Evening with Amanda De WarrenOne of Australia?s best known and most respected mediums and Woman's Day Magazine regular Columnist.


An Evening with Amanda De WarrenOne of Australia?s best known and most respected mediums and Woman's Day Magazine regular Columnist.  Image
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Surf Club Mooloolaba-1st Floor   6:45pm - 9:00pm
General Interest, Hobbies, Seniors, Social, Special Interest, Spiritual

The surf Club, 1st Floor
The Esplanada
Mooloolaba, Queensland, 4557

Mobile: 0400 673 563

Conscious Life Events Presents-

An Evening with Amanda De Warren-"Amanda Tells All + Messages from Beyond Show"

One of Australia’s best known and most respected mediums and Woman's Day Magazine regular Columnist. 

Thursday 3rd March 2016 6.45pm-9pm

@ Surf Club, 1st floor, Mooloolaba-Sunshine Coast

A Unique and first of its kind event with Amanda De Warren which will see Amanda sharing her knowledge & visions that she has been shown

about what's happening during this great shift in consciousness and the future of humanity. Amanda will also conduct her "Messages from Beyond show"

during the second half of the evening. 

A not to miss unique evening Including subjects on: 

The New children, why they are here and their roles?
Life after death- what really happens?
Toxins - Our environment
The future of Humanity & Planet Earth
Shift in Vibrations & Frequency 

Karmic lessons & soul families
Dimensions + ET's- how does it all fit in?
+ Much more

Over the years Amanda has been shown and guided and has been given fascinating teachings from her Guides and Ascended Masters from the “Universal University”

which is not of this realm, and from the many departments which each have their specific agenda for her to learn on this journey. 
Amanda has not just been given these amazing gifts to conduct readings for others but has also been bought to this planet at this time to help

both humanity and the earth in these great times of change.

Conscious Life Events and Amanda De Warren have partnered up to give you a unique & fascinating event, to help answer all those questions that you have always wanted

answering. Subjects that you would love to know more about. What is really happening at this time of the great shift in consciousness. What is really happening to our planet ?

Conspiracy theories fact or fable? What changes we can make to help us deal with the vibration changes?

An amazing and eye opening evening for these who are on a journey of self discovery and are wanting to or are already expanding their consciousness.
The evening will consist of "Amanda tells all" along with a session of 'Message from Beyond show' where Amanda will connect to past over loved ones/pets.


Amanda De Warren –One of Australia’s best known and most respected mediums. Regular columnist for Womens Day Magazine as well as appearing on TV ,Radio and media as well as an Author.

Amanda is Australia's No.1 animal communicator and has also been given the most incredible healing abilities. .

Amanda is incredibly gifted and has channelled for over 5,000 clients and regularly reads for worldwide clients and interprets the telepathic images she receives. Her client list is expanding over the globe as she is getting known for her accurate and mind blowing gifts in both mediumship and animal communication.

She has received advice and guidance from many celebrities including *Steve Irwin *Kerry Packer *John Lennon *Linda McCartney *Michael Jackson *Freddie Mercury *Heath Ledger *Bon Scott *Michael Hutchence *Shirley Strachan *John Denver *Brian Connolly *Jade Goody and Princess Diana. 
Amanda has also had many readings which include the MH17 plane disaster, 9/11 events, and the 2009 Black Saturday fires as well as with murder victims, missing people and the uncommunicative, including coma patients, people with dementia and the disabled.

 $40 pp- incl refreshments- Ticketed only Event 

Facebook event- 

Amanda's 'My Journey Behind Blue Eyes" book will be for sale along with book signing at the end of the evening along with crystals and healing mats at special prices 

Laura Di Mambro- Event Organiser
0400 673563