Carly and Troy do 'A Doll's House'


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La Mama Theatre   7:00pm - 7:00pm

205 Faraday Street
Victoria, 3053

Phone: 0419 247 089

A hilarious and messy look at theatre, feminism and our (ir)reverence for the classic cannon. Carly and Troy are set for a showdown, only one will emerge victorious and it probably won’t be Ibsen. 

A work which explores gender, sexuality, power, personal desire… and nineteenth century Norway… maybe. 

In just one hour, Carly and Troy will show you their adaption of the Ibsen classic A Doll’s House. If Carly gets her way, it will be a surreal, postmodern interpretation of a canonical play. If Troy gets his way, it will be him in a dress dancing to Beyonce. The stage is set for a showdown. Only one person will emerge victorious. It probably won’t be Ibsen. 

Carly and Troy do ‘A Doll’s House’ is a serious piss-take of all things classic. It’s a show about theatre, about how we view and revere classics, about what we want, what the audience wants – but mainly what Carly and Troy want. 

Directed by Emma McManus Performed by Troy Reid and Carly Young Set and Lighting Design by Emma Lockhart-Wilson Video by David Molloy Image by Emma McManus.

Full: AUD 25,
Concession: AUD 15.

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