Budhhism in a Nutshell - Bring a friend for free - with Venerable Lhagsam


Budhhism in a Nutshell - Bring a friend for free - with Venerable Lhagsam Image
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Chenrezig Institute   9:00am - 4:30pm
General Interest, Special Interest, Spiritual

33 Johnsons Road
Eudlo , Queensland, 4554

Phone: 07 5453 2108
Website: http://www.chenrezig.com.au

Start your exploration into Buddhism with a friend - and bring them for free!

This course is an introduction to core principles and philosophy of Buddhism from the Tibetan Buddhist perspective. In one-and-a-half days you will be introduced to the Buddha’s life and teachings, listen to a brief history of Buddhism and discover the various types of Buddhism practiced today. There will also be an opportunity to learn and practice some basic meditation techniques.

If you want a gentle introduction to Buddhist philosophy, or have wondered about what Buddhists believe and how it applies to everyday life, this course is a great start!

Sunday 20 March 9.00 am - 4.30 pm, held in the Gompa at Chenrezig Institute.

Facility fee $75, bring a friend for free (Please note that does not mean it is $37.50 per person). 10% discount for members and concession card holders.

Accommodation and meals available separately. Meals must be booked before 10 am on the day of the event.

Venerable Lhagsam has over 15 years worth of experience working in palliative care. She combines her insight into the teachings of the Buddha with her experience of modern medicine. She has helped many people (her cat too), through protracted illness and death and conducts funerals for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.