Lets Reduce Bullying in School's in Sydney's North Shore


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Greengate Hotel   7:00pm - 10:00pm
General Interest, Social

655 Pacific Highway
Killara, New South Wales, 2071

Phone: 0452 446 443
Website: http://atnd.it/51939-0

Indulge in a fantastic evening with celebrated song master and entertainer Brian Lorenz, on Sydney's North Shore.

Brian is known nationally and intentionally for his outstanding performances, he has accompanied former X Factor Winners Marlisa Ann Punzalan and Dami Im and is a multi award winning entertainer in his own right.

Brian will be performing at Killara's Greengate Hotel, a venue renowned for sumptuous weddings and classic corporate events. So let his tones wash over you as you savour the world class food and wine.

The event is being staged by MKG Events to provide resources for the Make Bullying History Foundation.

Have you or your children ever been bullied? it might surprise you to know that Australia is one of the top countries in the world for the most number of people who take their own life because of bullying.

Imagine if that was your child, the Make Bullying History Foundation runs seminars to reduce bullying and one example of their work has seen bullying reduce by up to 70% in 12 months, and to the best of the Foundations knowledge no person who has EVER sat through their seminar has ever taken their own life.

So sit back with friends or family, have a blissful evening and simultaneously know that you are contributing to reducing bullying and suicide of Australia's School aged children.


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Category: Fundraisers, Charities

Single Admission: AUD 120,
Table of Ten: AUD 1200

Artists / Speakers: Brian Lorenz

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