Irish Film Festival: You're Ugly Too


Irish Film Festival: You're Ugly Too Image
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Chauvel Cinemas   6:00pm - 8:00pm

249 Oxford Street
Paddington, New South Wales, 2021

Phone: 02 8065 7363

The films trailer can be found at 

You’re Ugly Too, follows a paroled criminal as he attempts a father figure roll for his niece with disastrous results. Stacey is left in care of his uncle Will after the death of her mother, and together they move to the Irish midland, in an attempt to heal and become a family. Suffering a series of setbacks, Stacey is refused admission due to a development of narcolepsy, and Will repeatedly coming close to breaking his prison ordered curfew the two search for a new way forward together.

This film follows the growth of character within Will and Stacey, with large elements of Irish humour keeping the films atmosphere light despite the heavy drama influence.


Student: AUD 15,
Adult: USD 20.

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