Fermented Foods Workshop Buderim


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9 Brae Court Buderim    10:00am - 1:00pm
Family, General Interest, Hobbies

9 Brae Court Buderim
Buderim, Queensland, 4556

Mobile: 0408 578 959
Website: http://www.lightofwellness.com/fermented-food-workshop.html

Fermented Foods Workshop Buderim

This workshop will introduce you to growing your own

Kefir and Kombucha,

​with the aim to demistify growing your own

​probiotics at home.


Getting community back together and passing lost information back into the hands of the people.


Have you noticed there is a lot of information floating around now, about increasing gut health with fermented foods?

Have you got concerns about your gut health, or the gut health of a family member?

Not knowing where to being can prevent you from ever starting.


This workshop is all about going back to how our grandmothers did things and will equip you with the information and grains necessary, to begin fermenting your very own high potency probiotics immediately.


We want to share with community and have that community pass on the knowledge that has been lost. The way it used to be done "back in the OLDEN DAYS"


On the day you will be shown how to grow Water Kefir, Milk Kefir, Coconut Yoghurt and Kombucha, as well as make KimChi (our favourite pickled vegetables). The benefits and processes will be discussed. You will also hear a little about Hannah and Natalie's health journeys, and how when they began using fermented foods, it dramatically enhanced their lives and the lives of their family members.


​You can expect to enjoy lots of taste testing during the class. It's important that you experience the taste and smell of the fermented foods so you can know when your ferment is ready in your own home.

There will also be a 20 minute interactive Kim Chi cooking demonstration with Hannah (Sydney-based Raw Food Chef), so you can have more confidence in fermenting foods in your home kitchen.


ONLY 10 seats available

​Secure your seat now

$75 investment


Time:  10am - 1pm

Location:  9 Brae Court Buderim


In this workshop you will receive:


Take home recipes for creating your own cultures & ferments at home

A detailed & comprehensive guide to answer all your culturing questions

Jar of Water Kefir Grains to start brewing in your own kitchen immediately

Loads of taste testing & Q + A's


It took two weeks for Natalie to notice a significant change in her digestion. After years of explosive stomach episodes shortly after eating, two weeks on Water Kefir changed her life. Natalie's daughter, as an infant, was not digesting food properly when she started eating solids.

​After one week on Water Kefir, her digestion began to work normally, after two weeks the improvement was significant.

Fermented Food cooking (Kim Chi) demonstration

Tips to creating greater gut health in your life

A fun & interactive afternoon of like-minded people getting together to share knowledge

Chance to win the lucky door prize of the giant jar of delicious Kim Chi made on the day!!