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Meat Market   11:00am - 6:00pm

3 Blackwood Street
North Melbourne, Victoria, 3051

Phone: 02 0317 6074
Mobile: 02 0317 6074
Website: https://go.evvnt.com/145093-0

What’s Junipalooza you ask? Let’s break it down:
Juni: An abbreviation of Gin’s signature botanical, juniper. Palooza: A party, celebration or festival. Junipalooza: Dozens and dozens of gin makers in one room, sharing their love for the spirit and serving up samples and stories for all to enjoy.

Junipalooza Melbourne is back in October, following a rip roaring debut at the Meat Market in 2016. The annual gin festival will have more distillers, more masterclasses and more gins than last year’s sell-out event.

Junipalooza is very much one of a kind; not only are all of the makers behind each gin there to talk you through their products in person, but every single gin is free to sample and comes with the option to try neat and with tonic.

The festival presents you with the unique opportunity to meet forty distillers; those who’ve shaken off the shackles of corporate life to do their own thing. They’re inspiring, driven people who are only too keen to share their adventures with you over an ice cold G&T. What’s more, there are masterclasses to attend, a bar to hit up and a never-before-seen, world first undertaking that is just a bit too brilliant for us to tell you about quite yet...

You’ll have the opportunity to buy directly from brands, to hear their stories and to become a part of them. There will also be a shop stocking all of the gins on site, so if you don’t want to carry bottles around all day you can hand your tasting notes over to our helpers at the end of the session and pick up an armful.

Junipalooza is THE Melbourne event as far as gin fans are concerned, offering obsessives the chance to try something entirely different and newbies the chance to fall in love with the most creative of spirits.

The festival is $50 per person, but we’ve set aside a limited number of early bird tickets for $35.

Early Bird Ticket - Saturday 21st October (11:00 - 15:00): AUD 35.00
Early Bird Ticket - Saturday 21st October (16:00 - 20:00): AUD 35.00
Early Bird Ticket Sunday 22nd October (12:00 - 18:00): AUD 35.00
Saturday 21st October (11:00-15:00): AUD 50.00
Saturday 21st October (16:00-20:00): AUD 50.00
Sunday 22nd October (12:00-18:00): AUD 50.00

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